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Moteurs Baudouin 12M26.2 engine successfully commissioned on dredger "Horst Felix"

At the beginning of July 2020 we have commissioned our first Moteurs Baudouin Engine. In cooperation with the company Felbermayr, shipyard ÖSWAG (Austria) and Moteurs Baudouin we have sold and commissioned a Baudouin 12M26.2 engine. The commissioning took place in Linz and was finished within 1,5 days. We thank all participating parties for being part of the great experience! All were very happy with their decision for Baudouin and Sudoservice. See our Video of this commissioning here: https://youtu.be/fdhsUA83wUM


Here are some details of the engine:
Power 662 (900) kW (HP)
Speed 1800 RPM
Duty P1 Continuous Duty 80 to 100% load factor
Bore / Stroke 150*150 mm
Swept volume 31,8 liters
Rotation Counter clockwise (CCW)
Cylinders configuration 12 in V


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